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Soraya Orchid

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Image:Scroll2.png "Tattoos exude pain and pleasure all at the same time."
- Soraya Orchid, Tattoo Artist
Soraya Orchid

No blood, only ink.
Date of birth492 AV (aged 31)
Place of birthKalinor
TitleTattoo Artist


Soraya is on the small side of the Symenestra physique. She has silvery hair and amethyst eyes, and her skin is pale, standard for the race. She's small, thin, and lithe, and could never be confused for dangerous. She keeps her black nails filed down, for the would interfere with her work. She's very open about her Symenestra heritage, feeling no need to hide it.

After having met Inecino Kimur, she began to transfer her artwork to her own body. Most of her own tattoos involve flowers and Viratas symbolism. She's known for only wearing white, so as to better bring out her art. She also has an unusual love for hats, often spending most of her pay on them.


Soraya is a very quiet, organized individual. She's not one for conversation, no matter the topic. She is, however, the responsible and professional side of Lazuli Ink. She informs the customers of the benefits and downsides of receiving a tattoo. She cleans up the shop after Inecino, manages the books, takes care of the appointments, and passes out fliers.


Soraya Orchid grew up in Kalinor. She was always shy and withdrawn, and it was quite clear that she wouldn't be able to go abroad and Harvest with any success. But she wanted to be useful, so she worked in the Place of Purging. She learned a few basic medical skills, as well as how to use herbs to help others. In her spare time, she would draw the mothers and the children. She would even draw the surrogates through the locked doors. She knew the Harvest to be necessary, and approved of it, but she felt that something of the surrogates should live on. So they lived on in her drawings.

She eventually felt the desire to see the world, and was directed toward Lhavit. The city was close, safe, and mostly friendly. Upon arrival, she made no attempt to hide her Symenestra heritage. This often made people wary of her, but anyone who got to know her learned she was harmless. She was often spotted stalking people, not to eat, not to lure away, but to draw. She especially loved to draw the protectors of the city, the Shinya. One day while stalking a patrolman, as was usual for her, she bumped into Inecino Kimur. She was quickly enraptured in the art in his body, and he was in love with her drawings. He offered her a job, and she accepted. He taught her his art, and while she never mastered tattooing, she was an amazing complement to him. She did most of the drawings and designs for tattoos, she usually mixed the inks, and even helped tend to the minor wounds that are associated with tattoos. Rumor has it she even came up with the Lapis ink.

She is a very quiet, organized individual. Before she came along, Lazuli Ink was a mess. Drawings, ink, paintings were everywhere, and Inecino would often be found asleep in his shop without locking up. She's the responsible side of the business, and will act as such with customers. She collects the payment, is courteous and professional, and helps customers figure out what they truly want out of a tattoo. She can often be found passing out hand made fliers for the shop, and whenever Inecino is sleeping, she's in charge.