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Teresa Wright Allwave

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Teresa Wright Allwave

Teresa Wright Allwave
Date of birth492 AV (aged 31)
Place of birthZeltiva, Sylira

Teresa Wright Allwave is a Zeltiva-born musician, who is also currently the manager for the Sailors' Guild office in Abura.

Life and Career

Teresa Wright Allwave was born in Zeltiva in 492. She came from the closest thing Zeltiva had to nobility -- her mother was Jocylinda Wright, her grandmother was Charm Wright, and her great-aunt the legendary Kenabelle Wright.

Unlike her mother and grandmother, Allwave showed little aptitude for sailing; her talents instead seemed to lie in music and literature. Nonetheless, she was given a clerical position within the Sailors' Guild, working as secretary to the Senior Member -- who happened to be her mother.

Although most believed that the likelihood that she would be promoted to Full Member from Associate Member was slim, when her mother retired in 512, Allwave was indeed made a full member. At that time, she was transferred to the Guild office in Abura to manage operations there, a task at which she has proved competent, if not brilliant.

Allwave is also developing a reputation as a singer and lutenist, and her talents are beginning to be in demand.