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The Wave Guard is the official military and law enforcement of Zeltiva.



Before the Valterrian, Zeltiva had been the home of the Royal Navy of Alahea, a strong and capable power. After the Valterrian, the Navy was gone, but some of the sailing knowledge remained in the minds of the survivors. When the Zeltivan people were able to return to the surface again, they saw a necessity for a military power that was on sea rather than land. Due to the isolation by land from the Zastoska Mountains, Zeltiva needed to venture into the sea to protect itself and to bring food and resources in. As a result, the Wave Guard was formed.

Originally the force started as a loose grouping of volunteer sailors who loved their city enough to wish to protect it. Anyone who could hold a sword was welcome to lay their life on the line for nothing in return but the safety of their people. As Zeltiva came into its own, the Wave Guard progressed into a small faction made of volunteers and funded by its own members. But as the Zeltivan government began to reconstruct itself, the need for the Wave Guard grew. It became the official military of the city, patrolling both land and sea against threats domestic and foreign. Although technically under the jurisdiction of the Lord Councilor, it is well known that the Guard followed direction by the Sailor’s Guild. Still, it does its job on keeping the city safe and maintained, and so there has been little issue with the deviation of jurisdiction thus far. It has been a long time since the Wave Guard was a ragtag group of volunteer sailors loyal enough to put their lives on the line for their collapsed city, and now the Wave Guard is the most powerful navy in Mizahar.

The Wave Guard is based out of Mathew’s Keep. With funding from the Sailor's Guild and the assistance of architects from the College of Applied Skills, the Guard established itself as a force all its own in the year 395 AV when the building was completed. From that day onward additions and subtractions were made as need be, changing with the times much like the Guard itself. Regardless it remains to the day a sign of Zeltivan law and a place wherein the Wave Guard carries out the day to day duties of the enforcement of those laws.


The Wave Guard wears a simple uniform that is widely known and recognizable in Zeltiva. It has been modernized in the past sixty or so years and now features gold details and buttons, which is a clear representation of how much the Wave Guard is in the Sailor’s Guild’s pocket. The base uniform is Navy blue pants with gold detail and a simple white shirt, with sturdy long leather boots, and a Navy blue jacket with the same gold detail that is meant to remain buttoned at all times on duty. Guards wear traditional gold epaulets and one to four gold lines across their chest to show rank. Recruits do not wear bands, Guards wear one, Lieutenants wear two, Captains wear three, and Admirals and the High Admiral wear four. The High Admiral wears the exact same uniforms as the Recruit with the only difference being the number of gold bands across their chest. This is meant to uniformity and cohesiveness of the Wave Guard along with simply being more practical than wearing so many jewels and metals as was traditional before the Valterrian. Guards are also permitted to wear light piece armor such as rerebraces, vambraces, breastplates, cuisses, greaves, helms, etc. Full armor is not permitted during peace time due to the Wave Guard’s focus on patrolling the city most combat will be done hand-to-hand, when necessary. They wear a simply utility belt with the melee weapon of their choice and can wear a shield or range weapon on their back. Men and women wear the exact same uniform, and after Recruits, all Guards have their uniforms fitted to them.

Organization & Hierarchy

The Wave Guard is both the police and military force, and so even during times of peace is a relatively large force. The Wave Guard was set up so that it may expand and contract as necessary in order to maximize effectiveness. Currently Zeltiva exists in times of peace and so the Wave Guard only contains one fleet, which is about 750 Guards, 15 Lieutenants, 3 Captains, and a High Admiral. The breakdown of the Waveguard’s organization is this: Wave Guard (All) ⥼ Fleet (3 Squadrons) ⥼ Squadron (5 Tasks) ⥼ Task (50 Guards)

With the exception of those ranks specifically identified all members are held to equal standing and are known as Guards. The pay is not the most glamorous; however Guards are held to a high standard and compensated appropriately in the eyes of the Council. The ranking in the Wave Guard is broken down into High Admiral, Admirals, Captains, Lieutenants, Guards, and Recruits.

Wave Guard Rankings
Rank Description Requirements Wage
High Admiral The highest position in the Wave Guard. The High Admiral is in charge of Zeltiva's entire naval and guard force. During peace times, the High Admiral also retains command over the single active fleet and authority over all rankings below them. Acquired through RP 70 gm/day
Admiral An Admiral is in charge of a single fleet. There is no maximum to how many Admirals the Wave Guard may have, although during peacetime, there are no Admirals because a single Admiral will automatically be promoted to High Admiral. Admirals have authority over all rankings below them. Acquired through RP 60 gm/day
Captain Captains are in command of Squadrons. There are a maximum of 3 Captains per Fleet, and they are in command of Lieutenants and have authority over all rankings below them. L3 Guard Skills, L2 Leadership, L1 Tactics, Acquired through RP 30 gm/day
Lieutenant Lieutenants are in command of Tasks. There are a maximum of 5 Lieutenants per Squadron, and they are in command of all rankings below them. L2 Guard Skills, L1 Leadership 15 gm/day
Guard Guards make up the bulk of the force, and due to the simple ranking system, are very capable. The Wave Guard holds all its members to a high standard and are constantly training to ensure the guards can be better. L1 Sailing, L1 Weapon, L1 Unarmed Combat 7 gm/day
Recruit Recruits are Guards who do not yet belong to a task and are meant to focus on the building of their skill. Recruits can be any age, but have not met the skill requirements for a guard and thus require more training to be inducted into the force. Recruits are primarily under jurisdiction of senior Guards but can also be assigned to Lieutenants or any ranking higher. L1 Sailing, Weapon, OR Unarmed Combat 3 gm/day

Joining the Wave Guard

Becoming a Wave Guard is a capable and honorable career goal. The requirements are a little stricter than a civilian job, but it is one of the most secure and rewarding jobs one can find in Zeltiva. Wave Guards earn the respect of all Zeltivans, the reputation of their title within the Guard, and the camaraderie and support of their brothers and sisters within the Guard.

To join the Guard one must possess a minimum of Novice proficiency in Sailing, Unarmed Combat, and a Weapon of their choice. Recommended weapons are swords, spears/tridents, and bows, although all weapons are welcome. Other useful skills such as Blind Fighting, Wilderness Survival, Camouflage, and Tactics: Military, are welcome but not required. Guards must also pass an initiation test given by a Lieutenant where their skills and knowledge of Zeltivan laws and morals are tested. This thread can be self-moderated with permission from a storyteller.

Once one is initiated into the Guard, they are required to live at Matthew’s Keep for a minimum of thirty days to go through the recruiting process. Even if they have met the skill requirements, the recruitment process is meant to build character, teamwork, and resolve as well as train one for the necessary skills to become a guard. Recruits stay here anywhere from the minimum of thirty days to a maximum of a season. If one does not learn the skills necessary in one season, they are not appropriate material for the Wave Guard and will be sent away without the ability to reapply. Most Recruits average two-thirds of a season before they are promoted to full Guard.

Promotion through the ranks is possible and recommended for PC Guards. In order to be promoted to Lieutenant, a Guard must possess the skill requirements and PM a storyteller for permission to self-moderate the thread. Any ranking above Lieutenant will require the skill requirements and a moderated thread from a Storyteller.

Guards are expected to complete two Job Threads each season in order to remain employed by the Wave Guard. Failure to do so will result in immediate expulsion. Guards who have been expelled from the Wave Guard are allowed to apply to return only once before they may not be employed by the Wave Guard any longer.