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A typical djedline symbol including a color association.

Djedline is a term used in magical circles - often in Arcanology - that demotes a line of succession of mages akin to a family bloodline. Bloodlines and Djedlines can run absolutely linear. But also completely unrelated by blood individuals can and often are initiated and welcomed into djedlines much like family is adopted. Mages induct students into personal magics such as Reimancy and hence into their Djedlines. The initiates often refer to their initiating masters as djed fathers or djed mothers. Mages often claim their djed itself chooses the individual and demands that they periodically induct students into their art as a way of preserving itself and its lineage.

It is common for each Djedline to have a symbol that represents that djedline. Mages conducting initiations often gift the djedline symbol to the initiate and consider them a djed daughter or son after the rites have been preformed. It is not uncommon for mages to have tattoos of their djedlines. Each Djedline has a color associated with it as well. These colors represent many things, but mainly they stand for specific branches of a djedline.

Whole families often have one singular djedline in them, but it is coveted to introduce new djedlines as well. Djedlines can be considered powerful or weak, depending upon the actions of the mages within them. Any of the ancient Seven Robes djedlines, for example, are considered very potent.

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