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Seven Robes

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The Seven Robes are a small group of powerful wizards originally existing in the Empire of Alahea. In Alahea, which held more advanced and scholarly magic than Suvan, the Seven Robes were reputed to be the most skilled magic users in all of the land, and most Court Mages came from their ranks. They had a reputation for unethical practices and dabbling in even darker arts than standard magic, though much of this was simply hearsay spread by their adversaries. The Seven Robes are responsible for enforcing an extremely strict training regimen on the wizards of Alahea as the war against Suvan slowly turned against them.

While most of the pre-Valterrian Seven Robes are dead and the Empire itself is no more, there is a modern faction of wizards calling themselves the Seven Robes. They mainly operate in Sylira and aim at becoming a major force in the post-Valterrian world, though their influence is much more limited than the original faction whose name they have borrowed.

Notable Seven Robes members

Many of the Seven Robes throughout the centuries have become famous or notorious, sometimes being adapted as characters in fairytales or popular myth. These wizards have left a lasting mark on the magical world of Mizahar. Their items, books, and legacy are highly sought after, and there are those who would kill in order to lay their hands on one of their artifacts.