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Dravlak - Essence of Chaos
Major featuresHorrific appearance, terrifying aura
AbilitiesEnhanced strength and armored hide, chaotic rending

Along with soldiers and the various ranks of paladins, the Ebonstryfe possesses a unique form of pseudo-divine being called a Dravlak. Dravlaks are living creatures, humanoid or beast that, much like the Druvin, bear a sliver of Rhysol's divine essence. Where the Druvin display all of the benefits of Rhysol's blood, the Dravlaks display the opposite. Their bodies are twisted and demonic in appearance and function. Regardless of what they were before their transformation, Dravlaks are like raging animals awash in so much internal chaos that they find it next to impossible to reason on their own. This is why each Dravlak has a keeper of sorts who manages and maintains the beast. Dravlaks are the shocktroopers of the Ebonstryfe; unleashed upon enemy forces in order to intimidate and break opposing ranks before full engagement begins.

A dravlak is created through a process similar to that of a druvin however where the druvin is created by both The Voice and Rhysol, the dravlak are created solely by Rhysol using the very essence of chaos upon a humanoid or animal. This causes the base creature to transform into a demonic-looking creature completely consumed by chaos and only controllable by specially trained individuals who serve as keepers. The keepers maintain enough control over the dravlak to keep the creature from destroying allied forces outright. The dravlaks are released by the keepers upon enemy forces, structures and territories as an initial strike to demoralize and destroy before other forces enter battle. Such a tactic is devastating to the opposition as the dravlaks are capable of withstanding immense amounts of damage before falling.

Dravlak are also able to tap into the essence of their creation through their ability of chaotic rending. Through this they are able to unleash a wave of chaos upon a target; twisting and breaking the surrounding reality experienced by living and inanimate objects alike. Solids become liquids, bone becomes blood and the order becomes chaos. As horrific as this ability is, the use of it is often a last resort for the dravlak as it tends to drain them; leaving them weaker and less able to withstand enemy attacks.