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Reclusive Forest Giants
Height8' (males), 7' (females)
Weight500-600lbs (males), 450-500lbs (females)
Lifespan850 years
Major featuresBestial appearance, immense size
AbilitiesNatural camouflage, recovery of past life knowledge
Most common inSpires, Taldera
ReputationIntelligent, reclusive
Racial godsCaiyha
Racial bonus+10 Wilderness Survival

The Jamoura are a race of humanoid apes that are as mighty and wise as the great forests in which they make their home. Bestial in appearance, they are a generally peaceful folk devoted to intellectual pursuits that may take decades, even centuries to master. Seen as reclusive, the Jamoura are generally friendly and hold a great interest in knowledge, learning and teaching. Living in the forest of massive trees called the Spires, they have become known as the keepers of a sacred knowledge that transcends most mortal understanding. To learn from a Jamoura is considered an honor by many.



The Jamoura were not always the intellectuals they are now. In ages past, the Jamoura were a simpler species. They wandered the forests of southern Sylira as animals, surviving as animals do. Unlike other animals however, they displayed a rudimentary intelligence that they used to fashion simple tools from rocks and sticks which they used to acquire food easier and which even improved their chances for, and quality of, survival. They existed in social units led by alpha males who directed large groups of up to 30 other Jamoura and worked together to ensure each others' survival. Thus they were born, lived and died in the forests as simple creatures existing in the grand structure of nature.

Then came the humans and subsequent changes to the entire species of Jamoura that would forever alter their very being. At first and for quite some time, the Jamoura saw no difference in life after the arrival of humans. But as the human population grew, they began to expand. With this growth and expansion came the eventual need for resources. Mining, logging and hunting found their way to the Jamoura habitats. The forests they lived in were slowly destroyed by the humans, and food and shelter for the great apes vanished. The Jamoura did as the other animals did and fled deeper into the wild. But the humans still pushed forward and soon the Jamoura themselves became targets. Confrontations between human hunters and the Jamoura became more frequent and death resulted on both sides. Unfortunately for the Jamoura however, the humans intellect proved too much to overcome. The Jamoura quickly lost the battle for supremacy all over the forests and with their already small numbers now even smaller, they had no choice but to continue fleeing as far as they could from the human incursion. The Jamoura found themselves pushed as far north as the Taldera region. There, with only a relative handful of their species remaining, they made their home in massive forests of the place now called the Spires.

Unfortunately, peace would not stay with the Jamoura. With little warning came the Valterrian. They cowered in fear and without understanding as the land around them shattered. Though shielded by the brunt of the destruction by the great trees around them, many Jamoura were lost. When the Valterrian finally quieted and ceased, the Jamoura, like many other creatures, would undergo a startling change in mind, body and soul.

Throughout it all, the plight of the Jamoura had not gone unnoticed. Someone of great power and influence had been watching for quite some time. This person watched and felt every wound, every tear, and every pain that the Jamoura felt. Normally, this person would allow nature to take its course as the struggle for survival played out as it did everywhere in Her realm. But Caiyha, Goddess of Flora, Fauna and the Wilderness was sickened by the acts of the humans and heartbroken by the horrors suffered by the Jamoura. Long ago she had planted the seeds of a new era into the blood of the Jamoura. These seeds were passed on to the young and grew as they did. After a few generations of growth, these seeds were ready to finally break the surface. The Valterrian was the final slight upon nature and upon Caihya. So many seeds she had planted had since grown and were ready to bloom; the Jamoura were among the first.

During the Valterrian, the Jamoura transformed quicker than a blooming flower. The oldest living Jamoura at the time, a male by the name of Marn, was the first to experience the transformation.

"It began, oddly enough, with a strong scent of flowers in the air, which, considering what was happening everywhere else at the time, was quite peculiar. With the smell came a warm sensation as if being wrapped in a soft blanket of feathers. I heard a soft melodic sound, which I can say now was a sweet song sung by a female voice. When the song ended, it was as if I were waking from a dream. I opened my eyes and stretched. As I did, I watched with no small amount of surprise as I shed my body; hair, flesh, muscle and bone all at once. As I stood up, the changes were obvious. I was changed; twice as large as I was before with thoughts speeding through my head unlike nothing before. I looked around me to see others undergoing similar changes. No longer were we hunted, frightened animals. No, at that moment, we became something much more."

With Caiyha's gift, the Jamoura had grown intellectually and soon devoted themselves to peaceful and scholarly pursuits. They learned about the forests in ways they could never fathomed beforehand, and they embraced all that it had to offer. Although quite capable of dominating their surroundings as the humans had done, the Jamoura chose instead to live as one with all that was around them.

Over the next four hundred years, the Jamoura remained hidden from the outside world, safe in the great forest of Spires. They spent much of that in thought; pondering the mystery of their creation as well as the mysteries of the world around them. After a few hundred years of trying to unravel the mysteries of life, death and the various details of existence itself, the Jamoura discovered perhaps the greatest secret of all. Reminiscience, or the recovery of conscious memories from a being's past lives, is something that rarely happens spontaneously and usually requires the aid of Djed to unlock. For the Jamoura however, a few hundred years of daily meditation seems to do the job nicely. The amount one is able to remember and how soon it happens in their life depends greatly on the individual. In the five centuries since the Valterrian, only a few dozen Jamoura have discovered extensive memories from their past lives. Many more however do discover lesser memories which seems to only fuel their searches for more.

Since the Valterrian and their transformation, the Jamoura population has begun to recover and eventually they began to spread outside of Spires and into other forests across Mizahar.

Into the fifth century after the Valterrian, it was Marn, who, still alive and quite active, made the decision to make contact once more with the outside world and offer to those who were ready, aid in seeking their inner selves. The Jamoura possessed a racial memory of what had been done to them by the humans so long ago yet the secrets the Jamoura had discovered were not exclusive. Since it was quite possible that non-Jamoura may someday become Jamoura, it was only right that others learn such secrets. Thus Marn began to send a handful of Jamoura out of the wilds in search of those who were ready. Toward the end of the fifth century Post-Valterrian, non-Jamoura began coming to Spires in very small numbers to be taught and learn. Smaller gatherings of Jamoura in other forests also began the search and brought a few outsiders to their homes as well and began the teaching process.

Thus did the isolated forest known as Spires and isolated stands of ancient trees elsewhere become places where men and women, when ready, could seek out a new level of knowledge and awareness and become truly whole.


Physical Appearance

Knowledge is the Key.

The Jamoura have come a long way from their more humble beginnings as simple apes. The average Jamoura male stands around 8' tall and weighs between 500 and 600lbs. Females are normally a little smaller at 7' tall and between 450 and 500lbs. Thick fur covers their entire body save for the front of their torso and their face. Unlike their ancestors, the Jamoura are capable of standing and walking as humans do though their build is quite heavy. The shoulder width of a Jamoura measures half their overall height. Thus an 8' tall Jamoura has a shoulder width of 4'. Although they retain the elongated teeth of their ancestors, Jamoura seldom use them for anything other than eating. They do have small claws on their hands and feet although these are useful for little more than climbing. Fur color ranges from a dark orange or light brown to deep gray or black although these colors are capable of changing with a bit of concentration; allowing the Jamoura to match its fur color to its surroundings in a form of unique camouflage. Their eye color is usually brown with occasional instances of green.

Common Traits

Jamoura all share a undeniable love and respect for nature. Though peaceful and intellectual, no Jamoura will suffer the spoiling of the wild. They know their very existence is owed to the Goddess of Nature thus they will defend her domain to the death. While defenders of nature, the Jamoura are also watchers and in turn possess a variety of related abilities. Regardless of gender, all Jamoura possess the ability to alter the color and pattern of their fur as well as masking their own scent in order to better blend into their environment. This ability is was gifted to the Jamoura by Caihya and thus only works to full capacity in the presence of untouched nature. A Jamoura who attempts to camouflage himself in this manner while in a town, city or other location altered by other humanoids will find their ability to blend seriously reduced. A fully camouflaged Jamoura is nearly impossible to detect with natural senses. Moving while camouflage will disrupt the ability and make their presence known.

Jamoura may live to be upwards of 850 years old. To date, no Jamoura has died of old age and their lifespan is more of an estimate based on their current physical condition. They have little fear of aging and their outlook on life is influenced by their long lives as well as their great wisdom.

With their immense size comes great strength. A single Jamoura has a strength equal to 10 full grown humans. However, in nature there is always balance and the Jamoura are no exception. While strong, Jamoura are not quick or agile; relying on their camouflaging to escape notice. They can climb however via short but durable claws on their hands and feet. Many a Jamoura make their home high in the trees of great forests.

Perhaps the most unique trait possessed by the Jamoura is the ability to regain conscious memories from their past lives. This is not an easy task however and most Jamoura currently in existence have only uncovered a comparative fraction of what they believe to still be hidden. Some such as Marn, the first of the Jamoura to receive Caihya's gift, have uncovered more than others. The process is very slow for most, often taking hundreds of years. Occasionally a Jamoura will experience a great leap in the process and uncover a valuable bit of information or extended memory though this rare. A Jamoura must meditate every day for at least a couple hours, pondering the mysteries of life else they risk losing their ability. Most Jamoura spend much more than a couple hours a day in thought with some going many days without stopping. They may use this ability to aid others in discovering similar secrets although non-Jamoura may find the process mentally exhausting and difficult to grasp.


Over the centuries since their transformation, the Jamoura have been a peaceful race. Their primary focus is on gathering a greater understanding of themselves and the world they live in. To this end, Jamoura may spend years if not decades studying a single field until they have mastered it. Then they move on to other areas of knowledge thus continuing the cycle. Due to their extraordinarily long lives, Jamoura are a patient people. They are not easily swayed to excitement and seldom exhibit obvious signs of joy or even anger. For a Jamoura, the world will change sooner than they will. This outlook on life separates them from other races perhaps even more than their appearance might.

Jamoura do not make friends easily since they are quite aware that anyone who may befriend them will come to the end of their lives in a few blinks of an eye compared to a Jamoura. Non-Jamoura may see this as isolationism or at least rude but for the Jamoura it is practicality. They choose not to become attached to those who would fade from existence so fast. This is not to say that a Jamoura cannot be friendly. In fact they are quite humble and easy to talk to. Their wisdom can be seen in their eyes, heard in their words and seen in the way they handle themselves. Deep voiced yet soft spoken, Jamoura could be a treasured friend to one who can find their way into the giant's heart.

Unfortunately, for all the wisdom, peace and knowledge-seeking of the overwhelming majority of the Jamoura, there are a few exceptions; throw-backs to a time when the Jamoura were hunted and nearly exterminated. These poor souls retain the full knowledge and pain of what was done to them by the humans so long ago. These memories go far beyond instinctual flashes of insight. They truly hate all humanity and strive to bring ruin to their former hunters. These Jamoura use their vast wisdom for darker deeds and their lust for human misery rivals the desire to teach and learn that their more peaceful brethren have. These more primitive Jamoura are shunned by the rest of their race which only adds to their hatred.

Reproduction and Aging

Jamoura are one of the longest living humanoid races in Mizahar. Although none have died of old age yet, the Jamoura estimate their own lifespan to end at around 850 years. Jamoura are considered children roughly until 100 years before entering adolescence. Adulthood comes around 200 years old and continues until near 500 years when they enter old age. Interestingly enough, over half of the population of Jamoura in Mizahar are 500 years old.

Jamoura age both mentally and physically at very slow rate. At 100 years of age, they are developmentally equivalent to a 10 year old human. At 500 years of age, they could be compared to a 50 year old human.

Since they retain much of the family structure they had before their transformation to full, sentient beings, an alpha male usually maintains primary rights to the females in their care. Because of this, most of the children in a family belong to the alpha male. This, in addition to their long lives and slow rate of maturity, helps explain their relatively small population.


Social Structure

Jamoura live in family groups. Each family group usually includes a dominant male, three unrelated adult females and four or five young Jamoura. Subordinate males may also be found in the groups. There are some larger groups of 15 - 20 members and even up to 30 members.

Female Jamoura leave their birth groups to join other groups or single males when they reach sexual maturity at around 150 or 200 years of age. The bonds between these unrelated adult females are loose but some friendships may continue beyond adolescence.

The alpha or dominant male of each family group is each a member of the Great Founding, the ruling body of the Jamouran race. It is the alpha male of each family that decides which of his children are suited for the Hahk'maghtar. The Hahk'maghtar is a great circle of trees said to be the oldest specimens of their kind. It is at the Hahk'maghtar that those found worthy commune with nature as well as delve into their own inner being. The alpha alone possesses a unique ability to see specific qualities in their children that are desired by the Hahk'maghtar. It is theorized that this ability is tied to the Jamouran blood and the bond between parent and child. Whatever the source of this ability, the alpha decides who is suited for the monastery and who is not. Those who aren't, remain with their family groups.

The Hahk'maghtar's function is to gather as much knowledge on every aspect of life and reality and teach Jamoura and worthy non-Jamoura about themselves and their environment to a level that they may carry such knowledge into the afterlife and beyond. To this end, Jamoura spend centuries gathering knowledge from all over the land. This knowledge is pondered, studied and dissected over the course of many years. The final goal is to reach total enlightenment by the end of one's life. It is a belief held by all Jamoura that the more one understands about themselves and all that surrounds them, the better the chance they will carry that knowledge into the next life; a life that the Jamoura hope will be as one of their brothers in blood.

Jamouran society, though focused around the Hahk'maghtar, involves numerous family groups working independently as well as together to ensure the survival of the entire race. Everything a Jamoura needs, the forest provides. Food, water, shelter, all of it can be found in the forest thus Jamoura live simply lives without the need for agriculture, industry or most other things that humans and other humanoids crave. Jamoura are efficient hunters and gatherers; using their vast intellect in both ventures.


Wisdom Transcends Power.

The Jamoura speak the common human tongue when communicating with non-Jamoura as well as their own kind. Their voices are impossibly deep and their words are calculated and spoken slowly. Hearing a Jamoura speak has been said to feel like their voice travels through you; resonating in every corner of your body. The Jamoura do have their own language however they seldom use it. It consists of grunts, snorts and short howls. It is most commonly heard used by those Jamoura who have embraced their bestial past. The roars of anger and bloodthirst from these Jamoura are truly frightening.


Jamouran names are usually short and simple; easy to say. Considering how slow most Jamoura speak, having a long, complicated name would simply be pointless. The use of 'sh', 'th' combined with 'r' are popular endings to male Jamouran names. Example male names include, Marn, Falth, Garsh, Groh, Bansh and Krath. When spoken by a Jamoura, the sounds of the name slowly blend together and sound longer than they really are.

By contrast, female names are slightly longer and softer sounding. Most end with an 'i' or an 'a' and can be multi-syllabic. Sample female names include; Dashi, Bahasha, Kasha, Mara and Kalla.

All Jamoura have but a single name though more bestial individuals will have names in the old Jamouran language that really has little translation.

Family Life

The Jamouran concept of family is rooted in their pre-transformation. The dominant or alpha male acts as the family elder and courts, on average, up to three females who would be considered his wives. The family also includes four or five younger Jamoura of varying genders. On occasion, older, subordinate males may also be found in the family although these are almost always relatives. Larger families are known but are not the norm.

Growing up in a Jamouran family is most often a planned event. From birth, a young Jamoura has their mind molded and shaped so that they are more capable of recalling as much of their past lives as possible. To begin with, the adult females in the family will take turns raising the child; passing on their own knowledge and experiences. Jamouran youth grow up listening to stories told to them by all of the adults inside and out of their immediate family. As they get older, these stories remain with them as the Jamouran memory is legendary in its capacity retaining endless amounts of information. Many Jamoura are content in remaining in Spires and expanding their knowledge of the world there while others seek to create their own stories through personal experience.

Those choosing to start their own families seek mates with great knowledge and a unique take and perception toward what they have learned. Males choose females based on their intelligence and wisdom as they feel their offspring may benefit more from this. Females retain an instinctual need to find males who are physically powerful in addition to possessing great wisdom. Physical tests of strength on the part of males is common although tests of wisdom and overall acquired knowledge remains just as important if not more so. It is this desire of the females that drives many males to venture out into the outside world in order to gain personal knowledge of things that others only pass on through stories they have heard. Females too will sometimes venture out as well for similar reasons so that they may attract wiser and more powerful males to take them as wives.

Males and females alike usually leave their families at the age of 150-200 years to start or join others. Subordinate adult males in a family are not allowed to consort with the alpha's wives and may only take mates outside of the family. This is what drives most of these males out of the family in search of their own. From time to time though, subordinate males and females remain in the families they were born to. This is most often due to crippling injury or sickness though such circumstances are rare considering the immense endurance and unparalleled health that the Jamoura enjoy.

Everyday Life

Jamoura live life at an amazingly slow pace. Quite possibly the oldest living, sentient, humanoid race on the face of Mizahar, they have little need for being in a hurry. The average day in the life of a young Jamoura consists of listening to stories told by their elders; usually the females. The stories themselves sometimes have a theme, a message or a purpose but can be about nearly anything. From these stories, the Jamoura learn of the outside world, of animals and other sentient species, of plants and religion, of places both near and far as well as of the lives of people from all walks of life. Along with listening to the stories of their elders, young Jamoura spend much time exploring nature. They often lose themselves for hours in the wilds as they explore and commune with the forest. These experiences can be anything from hunting and gathering to simply sitting still for hours while watching the plants and animals live their own lives. As a Jamoura ages, he or she continues to listen to as well as tell stories to others. They never cease surrounding themselves in nature but also engage in tests of wisdom as well as strength. This is especially true for male Jamoura who wish to find a mate. The stronger and wiser the Jamoura is, the more likely they will find a willing mate. Elder Jamoura spend most of their time indulging in storytelling or communing with nature. Those who are a part of the Hahk'maghtar have been known to become lost for many days at a time; becoming lost in the memories of the land.

The pursuit of knowledge is the central point for all Jamoura and is the motivation for nearly everything they do in life. Jamoura who venture outside of Spires often travel far and wide in search of knowledge that they could not otherwise get while confined to their homeland. These Jamoura often spend many seasons away from Spires on their quest to collect knowledge. They return with stories of the outside world and add to the collective memory of their race. Some Jamoura even become a more integral part of other societies; teaching, aiding and learning.

Art and Industry

Jamoura are not known for their industrial talents although some do engage in some of the more artistic pursuits. The race as a whole has little need for the common trappings of human society such as clothing, weapons, armor and other physical objects. Some however enjoy more nature oriented activities such as gardening. A few even engage in a unique form of sculpting using living plants as their media. Guiding a plant to grow in a way that produces stunning shapes is an art form that many a Jamoura seeks to master. In fact, scattered throughout the Jamouran home of Spires are many of these natural sculptures taking the shape of animals, other races and even gods and goddesses. Most items that a Jamoura may own or work with are still living; special headdresses made from living plants, furniture of living wood, even what buildings they may use are still alive in the form of the carapaces of giant insects. Outsiders who travel to Spires find that the Jamoura live a somewhat simple yet exotic life.


The Jamoura are a religious race although not overly so. They worship the Goddess of Nature, Caiyha whom they see as their mother and ultimate creator. While the Valterrian was seen by most as a horrifically destructive event that forever changed the face of Mizahar for the worse, the Jamoura view it as the time of their rebirth from a near extinct species of animal into a wise, protectorate of life and memory. It is from this that they also give great homage to Eyris, Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge and Qalaya, Goddess of Memory. The Hahk'maghtar, located in the center of Spires, is the worship center of the Jamoura. It is where they find closest communion with Caiyha, Qalaya and Eyris and is where the collective memory of their race is stored. Jamoura are free to worship any deity they wish although they normally choose gods and goddesses closely tied to nature and life.

Those Jamoura who have been lost to the memories of chaos and pain of their past most often choose service to Rhysol. The chaos that floods the minds of these pour souls usually finds focus only in the destruction of human order and life. Though extremely rare, these hateful, bloodthirsty throwbacks are truly powerful weapons of chaos and destruction.