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John Lhutav

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John Lhutav

The White Crane
Date of birth462 AV (aged 61)
Place of birthLhavit
TitleGuardian of the Shinya
Unarmed Combat76
Gnosis marks

John Lhutav is the second-in-command of the Shinya following the Acendent, Alius Tanka. He is the primary officer who dispatches the troops of the Shinya in Lhavit and around the wilderness of the Misty Peaks. John might often be called a diplomat as well, as he has been to Syliras often throughout his life to speak with the Syliran Knights. Most Lhavitians regard him by the White Crane, after the name of his preferred hand-to-hand style. Since a young age, he has risen the ranks of the Shinya and shown his brilliance in combat.


Analytical and tactical in every sense of the word, John is a man of observation, logical outcomes and an incredibly strict instructor. He is a very wise fighter, and has learned, over the years of following the principles of Gnora, to overcome the emotional interferences that hinder his abilities in combat. He faults the mistakes in students as a generalized reliance on their emotions, and is often swift in dealing with those that waste his time. Despite the fact that he may outwardly appear stoic and aloof, he does bestow his wisdom onto students that seek his guidance.


Despite reaching a considerably old age for a Shinya, John is still relatively young in appearance. He sports a shaved frontal portion of his head, with a generous amount of hair tied back into a braid and is always garbed in black, gold or blue flowing robes. He is always seen with a placid expression, but on occasion he may show signs of approval or displeasure. When he does, it shows a deep sense of caring.