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The raven people



The Kalanue tribe is one of three Chaktawe tribes that roam the deserts of Eyktol. The tribes are stationary for limited periods of the year in certain regions, those regions are referred to as their territory.


Kalanue (raven) territory is among the redstone formations in the east, where they capture goats that have migrated there for mating season. They often find themselves bartering or fighting with Benshira shepherds who frequent the redstone looking for wandering flocks or wild livestock to add to their herds. Kalanue paint their skin with black, made from the shell of a black beetle that lives in the caves.

Kalanue are known for being clever and athletic, a by-product of haggling for goods and chasing wild goats over perilous terrain.

Rite of Searching

Each tribe has its own prelude to the ritual of searching, reflecting the spirit of its leadership and people. The Kalanue ritual has a touch of mysticism and gravity, the Tatsuwaat ritual is one of brightness and enthusiasm and the Suli ritual emphasizes the reward of individual effort.

While no ceremony is identical, the Kalanue have particular rituals that consistently accompany their rite of searching. The youth is usually awoken pre-dawn and brought to the Wayhali's tent. A line or semi-cirlce of the tribes respected male figures and youth's elder, male family members is formed around the entrance to the tent or a fire pit. The men's faces are painted black and they wear their finest feather cloaks. None will acknowledge the youth, but will step aside letting him enter the circle or the tent.

Within, the youth is observed by the Abayla and greeted by the Wayhali. The Wayhali daughter or niece will be tending a blue fire that exhales heady violet smoke, feeding it small periwinkle flowers. She will often dance and her hands will be painted with stars. The Wayhali daughter will be given a black raven feather she will tie into the youth's hair as the Wayhali speaks a blessing:

"We are with you in the raven, in our gods, in our wisdom. When you leave us, you take us. When you walk alone we follow. So take no path that would turn you from honor. For when you turn aside, we all do."

Then a respected figure in the youth's life will pose the final question, "What do you seek? What do you bring to your searching?"

After the youth answers this, the ritualistic portion ends and the ceremony is tailored around the youth.


Wayhali Bloodline

  • Wayhali Ahanu The laughing Wayhali.
  • Wayhali Son Tsak├íka
  • Wayhali Daughter Shikoba


  • Abayla Luhiwa

Player Members

  • Ma'ii