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The people of the red crow



The Tatsuwaat tribe is one of three Chaktawe tribes that roam the deserts of Eyktol. The tribes are stationary for limited periods of the year in certain regions, those regions are referred to as their territory. The Tatsuwaat territory is the beautiful Keerdash grove.


Rite of Searching

Each tribe has its own prelude to the ritual of searching, reflecting the spirit of its leadership and people. The Kalanue ritual has a touch of mysticism and gravity, the Tatsuwaat ritual is one of brightness and enthusiasm and the Suli ritual emphasizes the reward of individual effort.

The Tatsuwaat ritual takes place in the presence of the whole tribe in the ruddy shade of the Keerdash trees.

The prettiest daughters and, if the seeker is female, the strongest son of the tribe learn a sacred dance telling the story of Eywaat’s creation of the Keerdash grove. The story tells how the god had persevered against the stubbornness of the desert ground and coaxed Makutsi to give him a spring to please his beloved. The seeker is absorbed into the dance posing either as the beloved or Eywaat. An elaborate mantle of dark feathers or red linen serves as the seeker's costume. For the finale, the loveliest of the girls are draped in scarlet and lapis blue and weave amongst one another, simulating Makutsi's spring giving life to the scarlet trees.

At the end of the ceremony, the seeker is given a crown of Keerdash leaves by the Wayhali, and told: “Remember us and remember joy as you seek our gods. For though you may tire in the night, strength will come in the morning.”

From there the ceremony becomes more personalized, but always ends in the seeker's isolation in an unknown place.


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