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The Vulture tribe



The Suli tribe is one of three Chaktawe tribes that roam the deserts of Eyktol. The tribes are stationary for limited periods of the year in certain regions, those regions are referred to as their territory.


Suli (vulture) territory is nearest the Eypharians where the great river once flowed, just beyond the ruined borders of Ahnatep. Ahnatep is one of the rare places where multiple oases exist, but the Suli must access them by trespass and cunning. The Eypharians have a stranglehold on the oases and are severe in guarding its resources.

Suli commonly use white paint made from the pale clay the ruins of Ahnatep have created. They also tend to be more aggressive and stronger than the other tribes. Additionally, they tend to be more aware of affairs beyond Eyktol as they interact with the advanced Eypharians.

Rite of Searching

Each tribe has its own prelude to the ritual of searching, reflecting the spirit of its leadership and people. The Kalanue ritual has a touch of mysticism and gravity, the Tatsuwaat ritual is one of brightness and enthusiasm and the Suli ritual emphasizes the reward of individual effort.

In the Suli tradition, depending on the gender of the seeker, prominent male or female relatives will form a ring their backs to the center. They are joined by prominent members of the tribe. All our decked in their prized cloaks of black feathers, their hands and faces painted completely white. They will not look at the seeker nor acknowledge her. The entire camp will be silent and hidden during this austere ritual.

The seeker enters the interior of the circle, where a youth of the opposite gender deemed one of the most handsome or beautiful will greet the seeker. Lotus petals and flowers surround the youth who are decked in their utmost finery. On the youth's lap is a bronze bowl of water.

When fitting, the youth will speak to the seeker, saying, "Remember us always. Remember what you protect and what you strive for. By strength and dedication, we are made full. By strength and dedication we are made blessed."

He or She will then demand, "Tell us what you seek, then drink to fullness," while offering the bowl of water.

Once the seeker answers, she may drink. The attractive youth will then murmur a final benediction.

"There is power in the journey."

Voices will begin to hum an seamlessly join in a wordless song.

At this point, the prelude ritual is at an end and the searching will begin.


Wayhali Bloodline

  • Wayhali Nayati: A younger Wayhali known for his tenacity.
  • Wayhali Son Inteyussa
  • Wayhali Daughter Kaya


  • Abayla Ogin: A middle aged Abayla known for her understanding and beautiful contra-alto voice.

Player Members

  • Eshatoh