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Kayin Frostfawn

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Kayin Frostfawn

Leader of Frostfawn Hold
Date of birth481 AV
Place of birthAvanthal
Date of death512 AV (aged 31)
Place of deathAvanthal
TitleFormer Leader of Frostfawn Hold
Animal Husbandry80
Gnosis marks


Kayin is a tall man for a Vantha, standing at a proud height of 5'8. His body is very well toned due to his constant training with the new kelvics. He has dark hair that he likes to keep messy. His eyes are a dark scarlet color but they tend to turn red when he has a few drinks. While most people see red eye color as being a sign that a vantha is mad, Kayin's eyes turn red when he is very happy. He is a very happy man due to the fact that he loves his job and he loves his wife Jedara Whitevine more than anything. He is very easy going but if one insults what he loves they are in for a world of hurt.


Kayin Frostfawn was born to the Frostfawn hold in the winter of 438 AV. He was blessed with his gnosis in the Spring due to Morwen being absent in the winter season. As all people of Frostfawn Kayin was raised around animals. He loved all of them but showed a favoritism to bears which was most likely due to him always spying on the Kelvic bears of Icewatch when he was young. He found them very interesting and loved how they could change shape. As he grew older he helped with the breeding of pets in his younger sister Reikanni Frostfawn's shop but really wanted to do more with his life. He approached Morwen and asked for her opinion on where he should take his skills. She offered him a job in the Kelvic branch of Icewatch to over see the bears, help with mating, and help them train. Kayin was eager about this line of work and quickly became a favorite among the kelvics for his patience and warm personality. Kayin barely noticed as he became the head of the kelvic training and breeding devision of Icewatch. He did not see his place among the kelvics as a job but more as a honor. He loved to work with the young bears and because of his hard work with them he became the leader of Frostfawn when the previous leader had to step down.

As time went on Kayin enjoyed the steady flow between leading his hold and raising the kelvics. He did not think that his life could get any better until he laid eyes on Jedara Whitevine. She was visiting the kelvic division with a group of unbonded Icewatch members in search of a bondmate. He was surprised to see her walk right over to the smallest of the kelvics. He was a boy who did not play with the others. Kayin could not take his eyes off of her. He never thought the boy would ever get a bondmate due to is antisocial personality. Jedara continued to visit the young boy until he was full grown and over that time Kayin and Jedara got closer and closer. On the 16th of Fall 505 AV Kayin and Jedara got married. They lived happily for many years until Kayin's unexpected death in the Winter of 512.