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Jedara Whitevine

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Jedara Whitevine

Protector of the North
Date of birth482 AV (aged 41)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleVantiguida of the Icewatch
Unarmed Combat65
Land Navigation50
Weapon (Sword)70
Gnosis marks

Physical Description

When Jedara is not dressed for her duties she looks like a woman who one would never think would even imagine joining Icewatch. She has the kind beauty of the women of the Whitevine Hold. She likes to wear her dark hair long and wavy although when she is on duty her hair is hidden so it does not get in the way. She has bright mint green eyes but just like all vantha, they change with her emotions. The people of Avanthal and Icewatch know that if they see her eyes turn a brownish gold they are in for a world hurt. To most people Jedara is quite kind and the intimidating gold color does not grace her eyes as often as people think. Even though she is fierce in battle she is the most kind person in Icewatch off the field. She is very protective of her mount Senari. Jedara is blessed with three marks from Morwen. One on her shoulder, one on the inside of her left forearm, and one on her right leg. Jedara was married to the former Pavintu Janta of the Frostfawns, Kayin Frostfawn, until his death in Winter, 512. She has never been quite the same since his death. She never seems completely happy and throws herself into her work to distract from the loss of her beloved.


Jedara was born in the Whitevine Hold on the 24th of Summer. A while after she was born her mother and father brought her before Morwen to be blessed and receive her mark. Her parents were very worried about Jedara. She was a year and a half old and she still had not spoken her first word. Her parents worried that her lack of speech was their fault for not getting her marked right away as other parents did. When they got to the castle Jedara immediately began to smile as though she was walking into her own home. When she came before Morwen she started to laugh with joy like she was seeing her own mother. Jedara's parents took her before the Queen and she took young Jedara in her arms. "What is your name?" she asked the baby. Jedara cooed and held her hands out to Morwen. "Her name is Jedara, she still has not spoken her first word." her mother said. Morwen looked down at Jedara "Is that true?" she asked the silent child. Jedara smiled and cooed "Morwen". It was her first words. Her parents were speechless but Morwen just smiled and said "Yes, young one, it is me."

As Jedara grew older she was taught in the ways of the Whitevine Hold. She learned how to heal and search for herbs but something else always called to her. She would see the members of Icewatch training or walking around the city and she could not help but stare. They were in her opinion, the most amazing people in the city besides Morwen. Soon after first seeing them she could not get her mind off the valiant warriors. She dreamed of being one of them and bonding with one of their kelvic polar bears. It was the only thought that filled her mind and she knew that she had to join whatever it took.

Over the next week she prepared herself to join Icewatch. Her gut told her not to join. She was a healer, not a warrior. She ignored the thought though. She wanted this more than life. She told her family and they were much more supportive than she had expected. The next day she headed to Morwen's palace to join. When she walked into the front hall she was greeted by Jenna, Morwen's assistant. "I am here to join Icewatch." She said to Jenna. Jenna nodded and led her to Morwen's throne room. When Jedara stepped into the throne room Morwen smiled at her. "I am here to join Icewatch" Jedara said. Morwen stood up and smiled. "Then report to the barracks."

Jedara learned the ways of Icewatch with ease. Her skills with healing came in handy when her comrades were injured. Even though she was a worthy fighter and a skilled healer many of the other members of Icewatch treated her like a younger sister. They did playful teasing and messed with her but she never let it get to her. She would prove to them that she was worth her place in Icewatch. She would take every moment she could to train in hopes that she would get to bond with one of the bears in the next birthing. She knew she was good and she would prove it.

When the next litter of cubs was born Jedara was called in to see them along with all the other unbonded Icewatch members. She had expected to see a bunch of cubs running around but instead there were children. All of them playing with each other except one. A small boy was sitting on his own, seemingly oblivious to the other children. He just sat there looking forward with his fiery gold eyes like he was seeing a world that no one else did. He was the only child there with golden eyes. When they were able to start to converse with them she went to the fiery eyed boy first. "Hey, why aren't you playing with your brothers and sisters?" she asked. The boy's eyes flashed a rich color of turquoise "They do not like me. They say I am the runt of the litter." he replied. Jedara smiled, she was not extremely tall herself. "I think that it is the size of the heart that matters, no the size of the body." she said. The boy's eyes flushed a shade of lime green and he released a small smile. "I like that." he said looking at the ground. Jedara smiled and looked at him right in the eyes. "What do you say we get to know each other? I think we could be great allies." she said. The boy looked at her surprised as his eyes shifted to a vibrant orange. "Like a bondmate?" he asked with wide eyes. She nodded. "I am Jedara." she said extending her hand to him. He looked at her and shook her hand. "I don't have a name but it is nice to meet you." he said with his eyes returning to their normal yellow hue.

Jedara continued her training and returned each day to see the fiery eyed boy so see how he was doing. She watched as he grew and before she knew it the small boy had grown into a strong young man. The day had come where it was finally time for her to take him on as her bondmate. She gave him the name Senari and she could tell he liked it due to his eyes turning lime green. She knew that was the color that showed he was happy. Her comrades never understood why she took on Senari as her bondmate but she could not imagine choosing anyone else. As their time together went on Jedara began to love Senari like he was her own son. Senari had become extremely protective of Jedara and would defend her even in the silly teasing sessions between her and her fellow Icewatch members.

As time went on Jedara and Senari began to raise through the ranks like two very determined weeds. After her apprenticeship Jedara joined the Whitevine branch and quickly became a Sairal, and then a Sulnara a few years later. Jedara was extremely motivated to get to prove her worth and Senari would simply do what ever made Jedara happy. He would not talk much to other people but he opened up to Jedara like a book.

Jedara had made it to the top of Icewatch and was often taken on missions with the Vantiguida, a man named Jocan. He saw her talent and would take her as his right hand woman on all things he did. One day Jedara, Jocan, and a lower officer of Icewatch, Guanan, were out in the wastelands. A large mass of Talderan ice boar were attacking the animals around Avanthal. It was upsetting hunting and animal life so the three and their mounts were sent to cut their sizes down. They thought that that fight would be simple. A quick hunting outing at most but the boar were strong and one got the best of Jocan and knocked him off his mount. Jedara made Senari race as fast as he could to help him but by the time she and Guanan had gotten to his side he was breathing his last breathes. He looked up and the two and said "Jedara, you must carry on the watch for me. Guanan, if anyone denies her this right tell them I will haunt them." He gave them a faint smile and then closed his eyes. Jedara was now in charge of Icewatch. It was the position she had always wanted and yet, it did not seem right.

Jedara, Senari, Guanan, and his mount fought tirelessly and took down the boars. They were not all gone but their size was now it check. The two returned to town bloody and battle scared. They brought the news of Jocan to Morwen and her smile for the returning warriors disappeared. They stood in silence for the lost warrior. Guanan spoke up first "Jocan wanted Jedara to take over in his absence." Jedara looked at Morwen to see what she thought. Morwen smiled "I knew from the moment you said my name you would be something extraordinary. I have full faith in you and your mount to take over Icewatch" she said. And with that it was done, Jedara was proclaimed Vantiguida of Icewatch. The group of men and women she loved more than life itself was under her command. She was scared as any woman would be but she embraced the challenge and thought "what if I had followed my gut?" She shook the thought from her mind. She was the leader now and she could not think of such things. She needed to prove Jocan was right in choosing her.

To this day Jedara fearlessly leads Icewatch with a kind, but tight grip. She has no problem with being a little lax when she is off duty. She has been known to relax and live like a normal citizen. Icewatch is her main priority though and will drop everything and anything for it. On the 16th of Fall 505 AV Jedara and her husband Kayin Frostfawn were married by Lee'ena Snowsong and spent several years happily married. The two met when Jedara was visiting Senari daily. Kayin was one of his caretakers. Kayin's death in the Winter of 512 was a devastating blow to her happiness and well being.