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The Fiery Eyed Boy
Date of birth508 AV (aged 15)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleJedara Whitevine's Mount
Unarmed Combat55
Wilderness Survival55
Gnosis marks


Senari is a very wild looking man. Like others in Avanthal he has colorful eyes. His eyes are a fiery mixture of orange and gold which got him the nickname "The Fiery Eyed Boy". He is a bit shorter than the other kelvics in Icewatch but all of them respect him deeply for being Jedara Whitevine's mount. He has dark brown hair with faint lighter streaks. When he is in his polar bear form he is actually quite big despite his shorter height in his human form. He keeps his fiery eyes when he is a bear which makes him extremely easy to identify in both forms. Senari often looks depressed or angry but truly he just does not like to show his emotions to many people. The only people who he shows any real emotion to are his bondmate Jedara and her husband Kayin Frostfawn. He seems very cold but when he is alone with Jedara he is actually quite affectionate.


Senari was born for one reason, to serve in Morwen's Icewatch. Senari was born the smallest of his litter. All of the other young kelvics made fun of him for his height and his fiery eyes. All of them had quite normal eye colors but Senari's vibrant eyes scared them. He spent most of his time alone day dreaming while his brothers and sisters played with each other. He never thought that he would get a mount and fulfill his purpose until he met Jedara.

The day that the unbonded members of Icewatch were coming to choose their mounts Senari was not hopeful. He knew that his solemn personality was not going to win any bondmates. He still tagged along with his siblings to see the Icewatch members in hopes he might get picked by some desperate person. When the Icewatch members came he was instantly approached by a young woman. After talking for a while she mentioned how she wanted to get to know him better. He was surprised that any of the Icewatch members would be interested in him. She returned to see him every day until he was ready to ride and on the day he was full grown the women took him on as her mount. That woman was Jedara Whitevine, the current Vantiguida of Icewatch.

To this day Senari serves loyally as Jedara's mount. He feels very protective of her and would do next to anything to protect her. Even though he does not show it very well he loves her more than anything.