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TitleGoddess of Water, the Rainbringer
DomainRain, Rivers, Water, Springs, Lakes, Oases
Divine rank2
SymbolsRoiling water
Worshipped inTaloba, throughout Mizahar

The daughter of Laviku, Makutsi is the goddess of rain, rivers, water, springs, lakes, and oases. Wild, passionate, and about as solid as quicksilver, when she is visiting, one is well aware of it. A favourite in Taloba as one of the preferred deities of the Myrians, Makutsi regularly floods the the enormous rain forest of Falyndar, cleansing and bringing celebration and sustenance. She is also worshiped throughout Mizahar, particularly by the Charodae of Charbosi and the nomadic Chaktawe. One of her popular shrines is Owehlai Falls in southern Falyndar. Legends say that those who conquer it are sometimes congratulated by the Goddess herself.


Makutsi is the goddess of rain, rivers, water, springs, lakes, and oases. She has her hand in everything that has to do with water, and is one of the four major elemental deities. She has been known to randomly create oases in Eyktol to help the desert nomads survive, and will visit rivers and springs that are beginning to dry and return them to their lively states.


Passionate and free-spirited, Makutsi is one of the gods who always lets people know when she's visiting - usually in the form of sudden torrential downpours. She doesn't really care for formalities, and has swept into Taloba on one famous occasion to join the Raindancers and the celebration, bringing a rainstorm that left the powerful Kandukta Basin overrunning nearly half of the region before Caiyha made an appearance and demanded she put a stop to it... which she did, however grudgingly. The Myrians had been thrilled.


Makutsi's Gnosis is Raindancing, allowing the marked one to call forward the rain.