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Below is a complete listing of all the player races available on Mizahar. This is a short summary, so please feel free to review the actual race writeups for more details.

Player Character Races

Fierce midnight-skinned all-male warriors, the Akalak are proud noble fighters that make their home in Riverfall and wander the world in search of bettering their abilities.
Winged creatures with the torso of a human and the tail of a fur seal, known for their mastery of the creative arts and their melancholia.
Tribal nomads, these individuals are renowned for their survival skills in the desert, their superior animal breeding and care, and for their music which is considered exotic and enchanting throughout Mizahar.
A spiritual desert people with dark hair, black eyes and copper skin. They move throughout Eyktol, living off the inhospitable land and watched over by their guardians.
A peaceful race that inhabit the waters on the southern coast of Falyandar, the Charbodae are strange, fish-like people that enjoy scavenging.
A matriarchal race of shapeshifting snakes that have three forms. They are limited in numbers, and can be classified as Vipers, Constrictors, and Rattlers.
Making up the proud horse clans of Cyphrus, these humans are tattooed warriors of renowned horsemanship who dwell in the Sea of Grass living as part of it and all the creatures therein.
Surreally beautiful creatures who slipped from their heavenly abodes, the Ethaefal are a were-race who shift with the seasons and hours.
Once the lords of Eyktol, this proud race worships the goddesses of death and the sun. They have bold features and gilded skin, but it is their multiple arms that make them especially exotic.
Lost souls who refuse to reincarnate, ghosts wander the world seeking conclusion, either helping or harming the creatures of flesh and blood.
By and large the lion's share of people that walk Mizahar's surface, Humans have mastered many aspects of religion, science, magic, and trade. They are considered true survivors and thrive despite the odds. Humans are considered straight human even if they are a mix of humans subcultures. Human, Mixed also falls into this category and is treated as a straight human.
Elite falconers, archers and eagle riders from the extreme slopes of Mount Skyinarta, the Inarta are a human subrace known for their fair skin and red hair. Their glasswork is well sought after, as too are their hand crafted incredibly powerful bows.
Powerfully skilled metalworkers, these ancient mountain dwellers cling to their pre-Valterrian knowledge and keep secrets that are too powerful for others to know.
Giant, highly intelligent, ape-like humanoids known for their reclusive nature and vast stores of knowledge.
Able to take the form of an animal and a human, this race of shapeshifters wanders the world without a true home, lost, and looking for companionship.
Pale seers of the White Isle, this beautiful all-female race carries the burden of sight that weighs heavily on their peaceful souls.
Mixed Blood
People mingle, new combinations will occur. Mixed bloods walk between the worlds of other races, forever on the outskirts seeking acceptance within the pure folds. Mixed bloods are a combination of Human + Any other race that can be interbred with Humans. Humans + Subculture of Humans are not Mixed blood but straight humans.
Vicious, cannibalistic savages well-versed in the arts of battle and war, the blood-thirsty Myrians inhabit Taloba and seek control of the entire region of Falyndar... and they're not above genocide to get it.
A cold, lucid race of undead people who move from body to body, the Nuit are often hated and misunderstood by the living.
Tiny people of clay, the Pycon are statuettes given life with Alchemy. Their bodies have unique properties and their minds are driven by adventure and curiosity.
These footloose and fancy free seafarers are the scourge of the Suvan Sea and beloved of Laviku.
Elegant and poisonous, these pale humanoids weave cavern communities suspended in the air and entice surrogates for deadly breeding. Do mind the claws and fangs.
Dark haired with shimmering changeable eye colors, the people of the Aurora are hearty northerners that are completely at home on the frozen wastes of Taldera, making their home in The Ice City of Avanthal where they carve extraordinary things and weave fascinating tales.
Winged, humanoid predators who stalk the night on the hunt for animals and humans alike for food and slavery.