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Skill List

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While the amount of skills that are available in Mizahar's world is endless, here is a comprehensive list of 'starter' skills with a link to their more specific writeups (if completed). Please note, this skill list does not include magic or lore. Please see The Skill Guide for further details on Skills and how they are used in Mizahar. We constantly add and modify this list, so if you have a suggestion or see an error that is inconsistent with the rest of our Wiki, please let us know. Also, please note that just because a skill is not listed here doesn't mean it isn't available. Any reasonable trainable skill can be taken as a skill and anyone can add skills to the skill list.

All skills need to be listed on your Character Sheet. Please make sure you put them in alphabetical order and if you do feel the need to break them down into smaller categories, please only use Novice, Competent, Expert, and Master. If they are listed any other way then those threads the PC writes aren't eligible for grading.