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A Coin Can Buy A Great Deal
TitleThe Stone Coin
DomainMoney, Commerce, Trade
Divine rank3
SymbolsThe Miza, A Dove, Dovecotes
CultsThe Miza Minters
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar, Syliras, The Outpost

Xyna is the Goddess responsible for the creation and circulation of money, specifically the Rimmed Mizas in circulation universally around the known world. Xyna's followers are responsible for creating new money and keeping its circulation flowing securely. Xyna also prevents the counterfeiting of and reproduction of Mizas outside of the Miza Mint in Syliras. Xyna helps set the Mizahar GDP, and because she is responsible for establishing a fair system of trade, Mizahar was able to move past the Valterrian. Far more important in pre-Valterrian times, Xyna's priests and priestess' were almost godlike in their importance. The Valterrian changed all that. Almost extinct, the peoples of the world moved back to a barter system beneath the surface and only when they rose and started establishing cities did Xyna rise once more in importance. When Syliras first moved from a barter system to a token economy (any economic system in which otherwise worthless tokens are given value equivalent to goods and services), which is necessary for highly urbanized cultures, then it was deemed society would indeed survive.

The Goddess of Money and Commerce is fueled by markets and trade, finding representation in all markets, bazaars, and gathering places. She approves of any sort of gathering for trade and the exchange of ideas or commerce.

Xyna normally appears as a young woman with large dove-soft eyes and equally dark hair. She wears bracelets of enormous sized Mizas and can be found in her Mint keeping up production. Mizas are backed by gold which is held in vaults beneath the Miza Mint.

Relationships with other Gods

Xyna has a close relationship with a number of other divine entities. Her followers often work with the followers of some of these other gods in the pursuit of mutual goals.

Izurdin - The God of Industry and Xyna have had a close relationship for many ages. Industry is business taken to a much larger scale. Without money, trade and commerce however, industry has little chance of growing and surviving much less solidifying and increasing in strength. On the other side, trade and commerce benefit greatly from industry. Where one finds one marked by Izurdin, there is a good chance that someone marked by Xyna is not far away. The Isur, while generally worshiping Izurdin above all others, also offer worship to Xyna. It is not uncommon for an isur to be marked by Xyna due to their natural affinity for industrial pursuits.

Semele - The Goddess of Minerals and Gemstones also works closely with Xyna. Gemstones have great value to the peoples of Mizahar and are used quite often as sources of trade. Without commerce and money, Semele's gems would be worthless. Without gemstones, commerce would greatly suffer.

Yshul - The Goddess of Thieves is one who some might see as an enemy of Xyna. This assumption would be false. While Yshul claims no alliance with anyone, mortal or divine, Xyna accepts her as an important element to trade and commerce. Thieves take from others and redistribute wealth either for their own gains or for the gains of others. In the end, they still contribute to the greater concept of commerce.

Ovek - The God of Luck and Xyna have an interesting relationship. Where Xyna relies on mathematics to shape commerce and trade, Ovek uses it to change the odds in gambling. For Xyna, luck and chance aren't in the equation. While the two do not oppose one another, they do not really work together either. Xyna realizes the need for Ovek's influence and at least in her mind, Ovek's influence helps contribute to economies in general.

Laat - The Alvina of Wealth from Trade is Xyna's son. From Xyna, Laat gained a bit of divine influence involving money acquired through the act of trade though ultimately defers to his mother in such matters. Xyna had hoped her son would do more to inspire and support trade throughout Mizahar yet Laat chose to become a greater influence in Nyka instead. The two are still in good standing with each other mainly due to the fact that Xyna is not overly restrictive and controlling and Laat still embraces the influence Xyna gave him even if it's limited to Nyka.



Xyna's Appearances
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