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V'nessi Ulvalin

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V'nessi Ulvalin
Date of birth274 AV (aged 249)
Place of birthMura
TitleKonti Matriarch
Fortune Telling58
Various others1-50
Gnosis marks

Currently the leader of Mura, V’nessi Ulvalin is a person loved and respected by the community. She has spent a majority of her first hundred years abroad, traveling mainly Sylira and Eyktol, but also crossing Cyphrus more than one time. Her Call has caused her to do many beneficial things in the name of Avalis, and also Eyris, her second chosen patron goddess. While acting as a councilor and trusted fortune teller, she has gathered knowledge, wisdom and great leadership skill. Despite that, the Ulvalin family has never been big, currently consisting of V’nessi, her younger sister, her daughter and her two granddaughters. V’nessi has never been a soft or family-oriented person, and so she is more than fine with contributing to the community as a whole rather than caring for her family. Without doubt she is a wise and dedicated leader the Konti can look up to, admire and even idolize, yet she tends to neglect her own or her family’s needs for the greater good of Mura.


Sharp features, a long nose and narrow lips radiate an aura of determination and sternness, although V’nessi is known to warm up whenever she gets the chance to help her beloved city thrive. Her eyes are of a steel blue and grey color and her hair a shock of white and silver waves. Despite her youthful and strong appearance, everyone who has seen her once recognizes the wise and intelligent person she is at heart. She knows how to balance her energy, thus gestures are often short and precise and her expressions don’t feature a lot of variety. Despite that, she somehow manages to instill trust and admiration in her opponent.


V'nessi's Appearances
heightThe Vision CenterOffice and Home Location.