Sample Character Sheet & Template

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Sample Character Sheet & Template

Postby Gossamer on April 14th, 2009, 5:24 pm

Here is a sample character sheet. Character sheets do not need to be anything fancy, though people tend to decorate them incredibly well. Feel free to ask for help in chat, questions and answers, and even in this forum for an idea how to use the code necessary. Below in the second post is a template to get you started which includes all the necessary fields. Simply copy the code into a new post, title the thread with your PC's full name, and plug in the information that is pertenent. Use the starting guide and starting package pages to help guide you through the character creation process. Mizahar has no character approval system though a moderator might nudge you if someone notes your CS has a mistake on it, like not enough starting points used or too many taken.



Basic Information

Race: Human
Birthday & Age :493 AV (16 years old)
Gender: Female

Physical Description

Katrina stands about 5'4" and weighs 123lbs. She's got long brownish red hair and wide dark eyes. Katrina could be considered pretty, but she lacks the classic beauty of most Syliran women. There is an innocence in her expression that might seem out of place when shes got her hands buried wrist deep in a wound trying to save a man's life. People often think Katrina is younger than she truly is, and the woman herself never corrects this misthinking because it often causes her to be overlooked or underestimated, which she doesn't mind at all.

Character Concept

Katrina has a mild mannered personality. She tends to come across as very reserved, almost shy, but when she does speak it is usually about something pleasant. She's fascinated by a good story, and often trades her healing abilities for a good tale rather than payment. While she has solid ethics, abiding by Syliras' law, Katrina doesn't mind treating the occasional bandit or thief so long as they pay her good coin. She has a slight fear of the Akalak, though one of her best friends in the world is an Isur woman who's daughter to the man who runs the Ironworks in Syliras. Katrina has a fondness for sweets, though she never overindulges. Katrina normally skips wine at all meals because it tends to go straight to her head.

Character History

Katrina's long and lengthy history is here.

Training & Skill Points

Medicine 30/100 - (30pts - starting package)
Herbalism 10/100 - (10pts - starting package)
Dagger 15/100 - (15pts - racial starting bonus)
Record Keeping 5/100 -(5pts - starting package)
Harp 5/100 - (5pts -starting package)
Lore of Poisonous Plants in Syliras (starting package)
Lore of Healing Plants in Syliras (starting package)


Simple cloth dress, black cloak, shift, corset, and sensible shoes (Starting Package)
Breeches (purchased here - link)


100 gold mizas (Starting coin)
-10 gc for breeches (link here)

Thread List

None! This is a sample Character Sheet!
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