Quiver's Bag of Plotnotes

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Quiver's Bag of Plotnotes

Postby Quiver on May 12th, 2016, 3:31 am

Figured it may be beneficial to post about Quiver's longterm goals and why he might be interested in threading.

Thread Ideas I'm Interested In: Currently, I am only wanting to write about Magic. It just does not make sense for Quiv to be interested in anything else. However, at some point, Quiver will travel around Miz.

ShortTerm Goals: Since I jumped in on the backend of the Spring season,I am not expecting to accomplish very much. Although,hopefully, Quiv will finish his job threads. It would also be nice to reach Expert in Reimancy.

LongTerm Goals: These are way in the future. Eventually, Quiver will be experienced in multiple disciplines of magic.When this is accomplished, Quiv will open a school devoted to the Arcanic Arts. I would also like Quiv to jouney around Miz eventually.

OOC Goals:Become a more experienced writer who can compose engaging, thoughtful stories. And avoid typos.
Another one.

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